Purchasing a facility doesn't have to be a headache.

As nursing facility operators ourselves, we know the host of challenges that changeover involves. Utilizing our rich industry knowledge, we’ve passionately crafted a valuable service solution that smoothes the acquisition process and awards you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Experience transitions made trouble-free with us.


Purchasing a facility doesn’t have to be a headache.

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Get superior service for one inclusive price that can even be marginalized as part of your closing costs.

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Access updates in real time through your dedicated SNF Segue specialist and our user-friendly portal.

No standardized
service plans.

Benefit from a customized package that ensures you’re paying only for services your facility needs.

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Be confident knowing every nuance of the acquisition process is being handled by an experienced team.

Our Expertise

When it’s the details that count,You can count on us.


✓ Licensing


✓ Managed care contracting and credentialing




✓ Culture cultivation


✓ Vendor contracting


✓ Marketing


Financial Consult

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A Team That Delivers

For You Accountability

With us, there are no secrets. Just straight-forward, open communication that offers you command and clarity, every step of the way.

For Your Employees Care

New ownership doesn’t always have to equal new staff. We’re here to allay employee concerns and keep them happily on board.

For Your Facility Results

We’ve been invested in the industry for a long time. Our team excels at mass negotiations that optimize vendor and managed care contracts.


When it's the details that count,
You can count on us.

  • Licensing
  • EIN/ NPI
  • Managed care contracting
    and credentialing
  • Culture cultivation
  • Vendor contracting
  • Marketing
  • IT and systems
  • Budgeting
  • Employee hiring,
    payroll and benefits
  • Software implementation
  • Clinical infrastructure

With SNF acquisitions, a lot can go wrong.
We're here to ensure it doesn't.


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  • Sporadic communication between outsourced vendors
  • Overwhelmed staff and countless positions to be filled
  • Damaged reputation
  • Direct line of communication with all parties involved in the changeover process
  • Support for employees and guidance in building a clinical infrastructure
  • Smooth operations during transition phase

Experience your next SNF acquisition differently.

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